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What is the Working Principle of Vertical Packaging Machine?

Jun. 28, 2021

With the development of modern light industry, packaging machinery gradually appeared in our vision. Vertical Packaging Machine is one of them. It is a machine with strong packaging capacity for a variety of small particles or powders. Physically suitable for both food and non-food products, the most important feature is continuous packaging, which greatly saves time and labor costs.

The vertical packaging machine is not only very fast, but also can seal and cut off automatically while packaging. It can be used not only for packaging materials without logo, but also for high-speed packaging of materials with logo patterns. Due to the color on the packaging material, ordinary machines can make wrong judgments and cause packaging errors. In order to eliminate errors, the packaging machine must be designed with automatic positioning in mind. According to the magnitude of the error, the continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into forward and backward, braking type and two synchronous transmission systems.

Vertical Packaging Machine

Vertical Packaging Machine

In fact, the principle of the Packaging Machine is very simple. It belongs to a programmable PLC that can realize a series of packaging actions. The packaging machine will have a system in the factory, and the packaging machine will strictly follow the program when it works.

First, the raw material is controlled to be cut and then weighed. When the required weight is reached, the system will automatically control its operation to stop and then continue with the next process. After the material enters the bag, the computer controls the bag sealing device to seal the bag, and then the cutting device cuts the bag to achieve the purpose of packaging. In addition, the packaging system is not fixed, and customers can adjust it to meet their needs for their own purposes. There is a growing public demand for products in the food, pharmaceutical, household goods and other industries. Manufacturers using traditional manual packaging operations can no longer meet the market demand, so they have to find equipment that can automate and increase production efficiency.

Packaging machinery can be broadly divided into vertical packaging machinery and Pillow Packaging Machinery. For vertical packaging, it is suitable for liquid, powder and granular materials with good fluidity. It mainly relies on its own gravity and can be packaged by certain mechanical effects when necessary. Vertical packaging machine usually has two types of packaging. Function, namely the use of vernier cutting and fixed-length cutting, which are easy to switch between the two cutting functions. The packaging method used in the operation of the machine depends on the packaging film. Packaging film is roughly divided into packaging with cursor, without cursor and without cursor. Films are cut with fixed length and vice versa, with cursor cutting. It is used for pillow packaging.

Vertical packaging machine is the rolls of flexible packaging materials into bags, filling and sealing machine, such as: vertical packaging machine such as rice packaging machine, snack packaging machine, automatic and continuous completion of these three functions. Its working principle is as follows: the rolled film placed on the support device, a set of guide bars and tensioning devices, and the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material is detected by the photoelectric detection control device, and then rolled into a film by the flap machine. The surface of the cylinder. First, the film rolled into a cylindrical interface portion is heat-sealed longitudinally through a longitudinal heat-sealing machine to obtain a sealed tube, and then the cylindrical film is moved to the position of a transverse heat-sealing machine to be heat-sealed transversely to form a film.

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