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Safety Precautions When Using the Pillow Packaging Machine

Jul. 12, 2021

Pillow packing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment often used in modern manufacturing equipment. In the long hours of constant work, there are many things that require the attention of our operators. Good maintenance work can be better for our company to create benefits, but also to reduce our workload.

Pillow packaging machine wide range of applications, easy and convenient to operate, powerful and stable automatic packaging equipment, the correct and reasonable setting of different parameters can make it more convenient, the following Pillow Packaging Machine Supplier to introduce the pillow packaging machine daily need to pay attention to what to pay attention to in the work?

Pillow Packaging Machine

Pillow Packaging Machine

1.In the peak production season, the company should regularly check, clean and lubricate each pillow packaging machine. It is also necessary to do a good job of heat dissipation and ventilation. Do not place the pillow packaging machine in a hot, humid or dirty environment. Feel free to use not only to prevent product contamination, but also to prevent the performance of the equipment from being affected.

2.The Pillow Packaging Machine maintenance and repair must be in the power-off state by professional electrical maintenance personnel.

3.The new operator in the pillow packaging machine before a thorough understanding of the correct method of operation, do not operate the pillow packaging machine, in order to improve safety, it is best to ask professionals to teach in the early stages, and unauthorized professionals are not allowed to do the pillow packaging machine. Change the data arbitrarily disassembled.

4.Before opening the pillow packaging machine, check the work surface, input belt, cross-seal knife. Must not have tools or nothing, observe the machine around the abnormalities.

5.Pillow packaging machine in the packaging production process, due to the sealing and cutting film parts of the higher temperature, do not touch the heating sealing wheel, sealing die and moving parts at will to prevent burns. Also prohibit the hair, gloves, clothing into the moving parts of the pillow packaging machine to avoid accidents.

Applicable industries: Pillow packaging machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, toys and stationery, daily necessities, secondary products, plastic products, industrial products, food industry, hardware products, auto parts, industrial parts and other industries.

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